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In my expressive figurative works, predominately in oil, pastel and watercolor, I seek to look beyond the obvious materialized form into our ‘common’ human drama of intangible states.

Pastels and watercolors lend themselves well to creating on site locations. In addition to my state of mind and being, uncontrolled energies: people, symbolism, sound temperature and chance occurrences make their contributions by influencing composition, color, vigor and sensitivity of applied marks as well as the direction of each work. I often find the subject during the process or after completion.

Rather than actual observed depictions, the focus of long term paintings is on reflections, beliefs and desires. Symbols and images are mainly a composite of memory and sub conscious states. “Site” works also serve as visual and emotive reference.

I am continually intrigued by the unfolding inspiration in our environment and focus on the challenge of capturing its interwoven spirit

"Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way."
~ Fossati

Self Portrait

All work © Susan Fossati